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​Following the phenomenal success of our first year in business, we are very excited to announce the launch of our brand new naval strength spirit- St. Giles Divers’ Edition.

Bottled at 57% ABV, this naval strength gin encapsulates the remarkably smooth blend of flavours that St. Giles has become best known for, meaning that it can be enjoyed on its own over ice, or with a splash of tonic.

As well as boasting a higher ABV than our original spirit, St. Giles Divers’ Edition is created using a distinctive blend of 10 carefully selected botanicals, including Norfolk samphire, cubeb berries, sea kelp and liquorice root.

The story goes that in the 18th century the Royal Navy issued all sailors a daily tot of gin or rum. In order to ensure that the gin hadn’t been watered down, sailors would ‘prove’ the spirit's strength by mixing it with gunpowder and then lighting it. If it exploded they knew the alcohol content was greater than 57% volume, if it did not, and it fizzled, they knew it was less than 57% and they had been given a watered-down batch.  We don’t recommend adding gunpowder to our spirit, but a dash of tonic and slice of pink grapefruit is a winning addition!

Speaking about the launch, founder and professional diver, Simon Melton comments:

“Because St. Giles was dreamt up over-seas and owing to my seafaring background, I’d always been passionate about developing a gin that captured this essence. I’d never anticipated that we would be launching another gin, just 12 months after setting up business. But after such a successful year and a prestigious World Gin Award win, we felt it was right that our Divers’ Edition would begin its maiden voyage.

Although, the idea to create a gin was imagined overseas, St. Giles was very much born in Norfolk, and we hope this is captured in some of the sumptuous locally-sourced ingredients that we used in our gin”

 St. Giles Divers' Edition can be purchased online here