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Spring cocktails perfect for Mother’s Day

As Spring marches on and Mother’s Day approaches, activities at St. Giles Gin Distillery are continuing to move forward with lots of exciting projects on the horizon!

Longer days and increasing temperatures see the distillery shifting the emphasis from our warming winter Spiced Orange and Cranberry to the beautifully refreshing and fruity Raspberry, Rhubarb and Ginger. This ever popular, award winning spirit (voted UK best flavoured gin two years in a row – Gin Guide Awards) boasts a unique production process whereby the gin is distilled with fresh early season rhubarb and infused with succulent local raspberries. The result is a superbly balanced fruit gin that delights the palate.

With Mother’s Day in mind we have selected some delicious spring cocktails for you; the ‘Vibrant Sunrise’ combining our light and refreshing St. Giles Gin with blood orange and a fruity take on the classic Gimlet using our Raspberry Rhubarb and Ginger gin.

What better way to say ‘Thanks Mum!’


Vibrant Sunrise


1/3 of a blood orange, muddled

50ml St. Giles gin

25ml fresh lemon juice

25ml fresh lime juice

Dash of agave syrup

Cayenne and salt for rim

Blood orange slice and thyme sprig to garnish


Muddle the blood orange in a shaker, add gin, lemon and lime juice, and agave. Add ice and shake. Salt the rim of a rocks glass with spicy salt. Pour over new ice and garnish with orange slice and thyme sprig.



Raspberry Gimlet

A raspberry version of the classic gin cocktail, the Gimlet. This almost raspberry martini recipe, is refreshing and light.


50ml St. Giles Raspberry, Rhubarb and Ginger Gin

4 raspberries

15ml simple sugar syrup

35ml freshly squeezed lime juice


Muddle the raspberries and sugar syrup in the bottom of a shaker.

Pour in the gin and lime juice and then fill the shaker with ice.

Shake well then strain into a chilled glass.

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