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Four of our favourite St. Giles inspired cocktails

Salty Sea Dog 

This fascinating cocktail blends the nautical essence of the St. Giles Diver’s Edition gin with the vibrant palate of a bountiful garden.  An explosion of flavours, ranging from, but certainly not exclusive to, herbaceous rosemary to zesty citrus to salt, this cocktail complements the strength of flavour of the Diver’s Edition. But just when you think you’ve heard it all, this cocktail was created for us by Alfi Shipp at the Chambers Cocktail Company with a garnish of rosemary, lit, under a glass cloche. Smouldering, it allows for the smoky flavours to be locked within the creamy depths of the cocktail. 

Alfi Shipp at Chambers Cocktail Company very kindly created a cocktail for us using the Divers’ Edition, which we called the Salty Sea Dog.

35ml St. Giles Diver

20ml Lemon juice

10ml Chartreuse green

10ml Rosemary infused agave syrup

12.5ml Egg white

2.5ml salt water (1 part sea salt, 1 part water)

Combine all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake once, discard the ice and shake again, this will help generate a foam from the egg white. Double strain into a coupe glass, garnish with rosemary and burn for the aroma. 

Alfi set light to the rosemary and then let it smoulder under a glass cloche to give a slight smokey flavour to the cocktail. It also created a bit of theatre before serving.

Raspberry Collins 

A fruity twist on a classic, this sweet yet refreshing cocktail has something to offer for everyone. 

It takes real genius to be able to improve on something that is already seemingly perfect. That’s how Be At One’s Blair Bachelier, created this cocktail. Our Raspberry, Rhubarb, and Ginger gin tickles the taste buds whilst being complemented by a dash of deliciously sweet Chambord. Best enjoyed in a short glass, allow the flavours to dance on your tongue by topping it with soda. 

30ml St. Giles Raspberry, Rhubarb and Ginger gin

15ml  lemon Juice

10ml Simple Sugar Syrup

5ml Chambord, raspberry liqueur

Place in a short glass with crushed ice and top with soda.

Opening Night 

A visually vibrant cocktail, this one is best served with the original St. Giles gin, allowing the combination of the bitterness of grapefruit and the sweetness of strawberries to make an impact. Because it is shaken with basil leaves, the fresh aroma of the herb is sealed within the drink, balancing the flavour. What you are left with is a mouth-watering and flavoursome cocktail, certified to wow guests at your next cocktail party! 

Socius, in Burnham Market made a lovely cocktail for us when they opened for business earlier in the year. 

50ml St Giles Gin

5ml agave syrup

50ml fresh pink grapefruit juice

25ml strawberry boiron puree

Shake with 2 fresh basil leaves

Garnish with fresh grapefruit zest and basil leaves.


Created to complement the Jo Malone ‘English Fields’ fragrance range in Jarrolds, the Viola cocktail certainly infuses the tastes of a summer in the countryside in every sip. Coloured like the midday sun and garnished with a pink daisy, the synthesis of lemon and barley, heightened by the citrus notes in the St. Giles gin, goes down wonderfully with a side of cherry liqueur. Enjoy it in the winter, and you’ll feel nostalgic for the summer. Enjoy it in the heat, and you’ll undoubtedly feel the allure of the English fields.

1 ½ jigger (37.5ml) St Giles Gin

1 small side of jigger (12.5ml) Maraska Maraschino cherry liqueur

1 jigger (25ml) fresh lemon juice

1x bar spoon Barley malt syrup