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St. Giles launches new fruit gin

Due to popular demand, St. Giles is back with a twist. With an ever-increasing popularity in fruity gins, it was about time that we took advantage of our local resources and distilled something special.We wanted to continue our tradition of being inspired by locally sourced ingredients, so naturally we turned to the variety of raspberry producers around us in the glorious Norfolk countryside. As the idea first came to us out of season, an experimental batch was made from Spanish raspberries, but of course, these lacked the sweetness and flavour of our good old Norfolk ones. However, what gives our new gin the real depth of fruity flavour was Pete, our distiller’s, decision to add rhubarb to the mix.

Our raspberry, rhubarb, and ginger gin is bottled at 40% ABV, which differs from fruity liqueurs on the market averaging at 23% ABV, designed to be drunk neat. Of course, our famously smooth gin can be enjoyed simply over the rocks, but it is best served with a splash of plain premium tonic and a frozen raspberry to garnish. 

Carefully created in our custom-made copper still Anna, our gin does exactly what it says on the bottle. Ready to burst into your summer with an explosion of flavours, St. Giles promises to decorate your warm afternoons and long evenings with its sweet, organic complexion. We’ve trapped the feeling of summer in a delightfully smooth, light gin, so let the memories you make this season be brought back to you by the taste of St. Giles raspberry, rhubarb, and ginger gin.

Our product will be available to purchase online very soon, so watch this space!